Why join Fenestration Canada

A proven track record…

· National recognition and acknowledgment that Fenestration Canada is the voice of the fenestration industry in Canada;

· Fenestration Canada members wrote the original CSA standards for the window and door industry;

· Fenestration Canada established and owns Win-Door, North America’s premier tradeshow for the fenestration industry;

· Fenestration Canada provides a technical exchange forum for the fenestration industry

Fenestration Canada has done so for over 35 years


A competitive edge, a direct impact on the bottom line…

· Cost effective industry networking…promote your products and services to your customers at the Fenestration Canada Annual Meeting & Conference;

· Information equals success and competitive advantage… stay ahead of your competition with access to the latest information on standards, technology, trends, and business opportunities;

· Technological expertise through technical publications, access to the Fenestration Canada Technical Consultant and Fenestration Canada’s knowledgeable staff;

· Effective representation to government agencies and departments that influence the marketplace;

· Technical seminars and programs providing you with the tools to optimize your organization’s effectiveness and profitability;

· Visibility through our Membership and Product Directory, the Fenestration Canada website and meetings;

Fenestration Canada in consultation with you…


An organization is as strong as its membership base. Fenestration Canada represents all aspects of the fenestration industry, not only coast to coast but internationally as well. Membership includes window and door fabricators, all component suppliers, laboratories, agencies and industry consultants. Fenestration Canada provides a strong networking forum for the fenestration industry. Membership is a priority for Fenestration Canada and a concrete plan has been developed to recruit new members and add new dimension to our voice.


Fenestration Canada is committed to keeping our members informed. Information gives competitive advantage. Fenestration Canada members are regularly informed about changes to standards and legislation, new technologies, ongoing research and new business opportunities in the domestic and global marketplace. Regular e-blasts, technical bulletins and the Fenestration Canada website enable members to access vital information and resources for their business through a variety of preferred communication conduits.

Standards and Legislation

Receiving the highest priority from our members, Fenestration Canada remains actively involved and contributes to the standards and legislation writing and review process. Recognizing the importance of these activities, Fenestration Canada hired Jeff Baker of WestLab as the Fenestration Canada Technical Consultant to support its activities and members.

Influence and Leadership

Fenestration Canada is the only national organization representing the fenestration industry in Canada. Business, government and consumers look to Fenestration Canada as a reliable and credible information source on our industry.


The foremost showcase for the fenestration industry is owned by Fenestration Canada. Recognizing the importance of this key and essential networking opportunity for all industry sectors, Fenestration Canada is focussed on ensuring the continuity and success of North America’s premier trade show.

Fenestration Canada is your strategic partner!

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