Protomach/GML Machinery’s Prozssmcu/Cutting & Fabrication machine won the “Most Innovative Machine/Equipment” award at GlassBuild 2019. Jean-Francois Desrosiers, President and CEO of Protomach/GML Machinery, states “Protomach/GML is very happy to have received this award in the United States. At Protomach/GML we have a dedicated team who creates products that we consider outstanding. We invested a lot in this product and we were confident that is was innovative and a product that would change the way windows are produced. The Prozssmcu/Cutting & Fabrication machine stands out for it’s waste management system, which is less than 1%, as well as for the PROMCU, which is programmable for up to 11 axes and allows all necessary machining to the window.”

Congratulations Protomach/GML!